Source code for myst_parser.warnings_

"""Central handling of warnings for the myst extension."""
from __future__ import annotations

from enum import Enum
from typing import Sequence

from docutils import nodes

[docs]class MystWarnings(Enum): """MyST warning types.""" DEPRECATED = "deprecated" """Deprecated usage.""" NOT_SUPPORTED = "not_supported" """Functionality that is not yet supported in docutils.""" RENDER_METHOD = "render" """The render method is not implemented.""" MD_TOPMATTER = "topmatter" """Issue reading front-matter.""" MD_DEF_DUPE = "duplicate_def" """Duplicate Markdown reference definition.""" MD_FOOTNOTE_DUPE = "footnote" """Duplicate Markdown footnote definition.""" MD_FOOTNOTE_MISSING = "footnote" """Missing Markdown footnote definition.""" MD_HEADING_NON_CONSECUTIVE = "header" """Non-consecutive heading levels.""" DIRECTIVE_PARSING = "directive_parse" """Issue parsing directive.""" UNKNOWN_DIRECTIVE = "directive_unknown" """Unknown directive.""" UNKNOWN_ROLE = "role_unknown" """Unknown role.""" # cross-reference resolution XREF_AMBIGUOUS = "xref_ambiguous" """Multiple targets were found for a cross-reference.""" XREF_MISSING = "xref_missing" """A target was not found for a cross-reference.""" INV_LOAD = "inv_retrieval" """Failure to retrieve or load an inventory.""" IREF_MISSING = "iref_missing" """A target was not found for an inventory reference.""" IREF_AMBIGUOUS = "iref_ambiguous" """Multiple targets were found for an inventory reference.""" LEGACY_DOMAIN = "domains" """A legacy domain found, which does not support `resolve_any_xref`.""" # extensions HEADING_SLUG = "heading_slug" """An error occured computing a heading slug.""" STRIKETHROUGH = "strikethrough" """Strikethrough warning, since only implemented in HTML.""" HTML_PARSE = "html" """HTML could not be parsed.""" INVALID_ATTRIBUTE = "attribute" """Invalid attribute value.""" SUBSTITUTION = "substitution" """Substitution could not be resolved."""
def _is_suppressed_warning( type: str, subtype: str, suppress_warnings: Sequence[str] ) -> bool: """Check whether the warning is suppressed or not. Mirrors: """ if type is None: return False subtarget: str | None for warning_type in suppress_warnings: if "." in warning_type: target, subtarget = warning_type.split(".", 1) else: target, subtarget = warning_type, None if target == type and subtarget in (None, subtype, "*"): return True return False
[docs]def create_warning( document: nodes.document, message: str, subtype: MystWarnings, *, line: int | None = None, append_to: nodes.Element | None = None, ) -> nodes.system_message | None: """Generate a warning, logging if it is necessary. If the warning type is listed in the ``suppress_warnings`` configuration, then ``None`` will be returned and no warning logged. """ wtype = "myst" # figure out whether to suppress the warning, if sphinx is available, # it will have been set up by the Sphinx environment, # otherwise we will use the configuration set by docutils suppress_warnings: Sequence[str] = [] try: suppress_warnings = except AttributeError: suppress_warnings = document.settings.myst_suppress_warnings or [] if _is_suppressed_warning(wtype, subtype.value, suppress_warnings): return None kwargs = {"line": line} if line is not None else {} message = f"{message} [{wtype}.{subtype.value}]" msg_node = document.reporter.warning(message, **kwargs) if append_to is not None: append_to.append(msg_node) return msg_node