Source code for myst_parser.sphinx_ext.mathjax

"""Overrides to ``sphinx.ext.mathjax``

This fixes two issues:

1. Mathjax should not search for ``$`` delimiters, nor LaTeX amsmath environments,
   since we already achieve this with the dollarmath and amsmath mrakdown-it-py plugins
2. amsmath math blocks should be wrapped in mathjax delimiters (default ``\\[...\\]``),
   and assigned an equation number

from docutils import nodes
from sphinx.application import Sphinx
from sphinx.ext import mathjax
from sphinx.locale import _
from sphinx.util import logging
from sphinx.util.math import get_node_equation_number
from sphinx.writers.html import HTMLTranslator

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def log_override_warning(app: Sphinx, version: int, current: str, new: str) -> None: """Log a warning if MathJax configuration being overridden.""" if logging.is_suppressed_warning("myst", "mathjax", app.config.suppress_warnings): return config_name = ( "mathjax3_config['options']['processHtmlClass']" if version == 3 else "mathjax_config['tex2jax']['processClass']" ) logger.warning( f"`{config_name}` is being overridden by myst-parser: '{current}' -> '{new}'. " "Set `suppress_warnings=['myst.mathjax']` to ignore this warning, or " "`myst_update_mathjax=False` if this is undesirable." )
[docs]def override_mathjax(app: Sphinx): """Override aspects of the mathjax extension. MyST-Parser parses dollar and latex math, via markdown-it plugins. Therefore, we tell Mathjax to only render these HTML elements. This is accompanied by setting the `ignoreClass` on the top-level section of each MyST document. """ if ( "amsmath" in app.config["myst_enable_extensions"] and "mathjax" in app.registry.html_block_math_renderers ): app.registry.html_block_math_renderers["mathjax"] = ( html_visit_displaymath, # type: ignore[assignment] None, ) if "dollarmath" not in app.config["myst_enable_extensions"]: return if not app.env.myst_config.update_mathjax: # type: ignore return mjax_classes = app.env.myst_config.mathjax_classes # type: ignore if "mathjax3_config" in app.config: # sphinx 4 + mathjax 3 app.config.mathjax3_config = app.config.mathjax3_config or {} # type: ignore app.config.mathjax3_config.setdefault("options", {}) if ( "processHtmlClass" in app.config.mathjax3_config["options"] and app.config.mathjax3_config["options"]["processHtmlClass"] != mjax_classes ): log_override_warning( app, 3, app.config.mathjax3_config["options"]["processHtmlClass"], mjax_classes, ) app.config.mathjax3_config["options"]["processHtmlClass"] = mjax_classes elif "mathjax_config" in app.config: # sphinx 3 + mathjax 2 app.config.mathjax_config = app.config.mathjax_config or {} # type: ignore[attr-defined] app.config.mathjax_config.setdefault("tex2jax", {}) if ( "processClass" in app.config.mathjax_config["tex2jax"] and app.config.mathjax_config["tex2jax"]["processClass"] != mjax_classes ): log_override_warning( app, 2, app.config.mathjax_config["tex2jax"]["processClass"], mjax_classes, ) app.config.mathjax_config["tex2jax"]["processClass"] = mjax_classes
[docs]def html_visit_displaymath(self: HTMLTranslator, node: nodes.math_block) -> None: """Override for sphinx.ext.mathjax.html_visit_displaymath to handle amsmath. By default displaymath, are normally wrapped in a prefix/suffix, defined by mathjax_display, and labelled nodes are numbered. However, this is not the case if the math_block is set as 'nowrap', as for amsmath. Therefore, we need to override this behaviour. """ if "amsmath" in node.get("classes", []): self.body.append( self.starttag(node, "div", CLASS="math notranslate nohighlight amsmath") ) if node["number"]: number = get_node_equation_number(self, node) self.body.append('<span class="eqno">(%s)' % number) self.add_permalink_ref(node, _("Permalink to this equation")) self.body.append("</span>") prefix, suffix = self.builder.config.mathjax_display self.body.append(prefix) self.body.append(self.encode(node.astext())) self.body.append(suffix) self.body.append("</div>\n") raise nodes.SkipNode return mathjax.html_visit_displaymath(self, node)