Source code for myst_parser.parsers.docutils_

"""MyST Markdown parser for docutils."""
from dataclasses import Field
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, Iterable, List, Optional, Sequence, Tuple, Union

import yaml
from docutils import frontend, nodes
from docutils.core import default_description, publish_cmdline
from docutils.parsers.rst import Parser as RstParser

from myst_parser._compat import Literal, get_args, get_origin
from myst_parser.config.main import (
from myst_parser.mdit_to_docutils.base import DocutilsRenderer
from myst_parser.parsers.mdit import create_md_parser
from myst_parser.warnings_ import create_warning

def _validate_int(
    setting, value, option_parser, config_parser=None, config_section=None
) -> int:
    """Validate an integer setting."""
    return int(value)

def _create_validate_tuple(length: int) -> Callable[..., Tuple[str, ...]]:
    """Create a validator for a tuple of length `length`."""

    def _validate(
        setting, value, option_parser, config_parser=None, config_section=None
        string_list = frontend.validate_comma_separated_list(
            setting, value, option_parser, config_parser, config_section
        if len(string_list) != length:
            raise ValueError(
                f"Expecting {length} items in {setting}, got {len(string_list)}."
        return tuple(string_list)

    return _validate

class Unset:
    """A sentinel class for unset settings."""

    def __repr__(self):
        return "UNSET"

    def __bool__(self):
        # this allows to check if the setting is unset/falsy
        return False

"""Sentinel for arguments not set through docutils.conf."""

def _create_validate_yaml(field: Field):
    """Create a deserializer/validator for a json setting."""

    def _validate_yaml(
        setting, value, option_parser, config_parser=None, config_section=None
        """Check/normalize a key-value pair setting.

        Items delimited by `,`, and key-value pairs delimited by `=`.
            output = yaml.safe_load(value)
        except Exception:
            raise ValueError("Invalid YAML string")
        if "validator" in field.metadata:
            field.metadata["validator"](None, field, output)
        return output

    return _validate_yaml

def _attr_to_optparse_option(at: Field, default: Any) -> Tuple[dict, str]:
    """Convert a field into a Docutils optparse options dict.

    :returns: (option_dict, default)
    if at.type is int:
        return {"metavar": "<int>", "validator": _validate_int}, str(default)
    if at.type is bool:
        return {
            "metavar": "<boolean>",
            "validator": frontend.validate_boolean,
        }, str(default)
    if at.type is str:
        return {
            "metavar": "<str>",
        }, f"(default: '{default}')"
    if get_origin(at.type) is Literal and all(
        isinstance(a, str) for a in get_args(at.type)
        args = get_args(at.type)
        return {
            "metavar": f"<{'|'.join(repr(a) for a in args)}>",
            "type": "choice",
            "choices": args,
        }, repr(default)
    if at.type in (Iterable[str], Sequence[str]):
        return {
            "metavar": "<comma-delimited>",
            "validator": frontend.validate_comma_separated_list,
        }, ",".join(default)
    if at.type == Tuple[str, str]:
        return {
            "metavar": "<str,str>",
            "validator": _create_validate_tuple(2),
        }, ",".join(default)
    if at.type == Union[int, type(None)]:
        return {
            "metavar": "<null|int>",
            "validator": _validate_int,
        }, str(default)
    if at.type == Union[Iterable[str], type(None)]:
        return {
            "metavar": "<null|comma-delimited>",
            "validator": frontend.validate_comma_separated_list,
        }, ",".join(default) if default else ""
    if get_origin(at.type) is dict:
        return {
            "metavar": "<yaml-dict>",
            "validator": _create_validate_yaml(at),
        }, str(default) if default else ""
    raise AssertionError(
        f"Configuration option {} not set up for use in docutils.conf."

def attr_to_optparse_option(
    attribute: Field, default: Any, prefix: str = "myst_"
) -> Tuple[str, List[str], Dict[str, Any]]:
    """Convert an ``MdParserConfig`` attribute into a Docutils setting tuple.

    :returns: A tuple of ``(help string, option flags, optparse kwargs)``.
    name = f"{prefix}{}"
    flag = "--" + name.replace("_", "-")
    options = {"dest": name, "default": DOCUTILS_UNSET}
    at_options, default_str = _attr_to_optparse_option(attribute, default)
    help_str = attribute.metadata.get("help", "") if attribute.metadata else ""
    if default_str:
        help_str += f" (default: {default_str})"
    return (help_str, [flag], options)

def create_myst_settings_spec(config_cls=MdParserConfig, prefix: str = "myst_"):
    """Return a list of Docutils setting for the docutils MyST section."""
    defaults = config_cls()
    return tuple(
        attr_to_optparse_option(at, getattr(defaults,, prefix)
        for at in config_cls.get_fields()
        if (not at.metadata.get("sphinx_only", False))

def create_myst_config(
    settings: frontend.Values,
    prefix: str = "myst_",
    """Create a configuration instance from the given settings."""
    values = {}
    for attribute in config_cls.get_fields():
        if attribute.metadata.get("sphinx_only", False):
        setting = f"{prefix}{}"
        val = getattr(settings, setting, DOCUTILS_UNSET)
        if val is not DOCUTILS_UNSET:
            values[] = val
    return config_cls(**values)

[docs]class Parser(RstParser): """Docutils parser for Markedly Structured Text (MyST).""" supported: Tuple[str, ...] = ("md", "markdown", "myst") """Aliases this parser supports.""" settings_spec = ( "MyST options", None, create_myst_settings_spec(), *RstParser.settings_spec, ) """Runtime settings specification.""" config_section = "myst parser" config_section_dependencies = ("parsers",) translate_section_name = None
[docs] def parse(self, inputstring: str, document: nodes.document) -> None: """Parse source text. :param inputstring: The source string to parse :param document: The root docutils node to add AST elements to """ self.setup_parse(inputstring, document) # check for exorbitantly long lines if hasattr(document.settings, "line_length_limit"): for i, line in enumerate(inputstring.split("\n")): if len(line) > document.settings.line_length_limit: error = document.reporter.error( f"Line {i+1} exceeds the line-length-limit:" f" {document.settings.line_length_limit}." ) document.append(error) return # create parsing configuration from the global config try: config = create_myst_config(document.settings) except Exception as exc: error = document.reporter.error(f"Global myst configuration invalid: {exc}") document.append(error) config = MdParserConfig() # update the global config with the file-level config try: topmatter = read_topmatter(inputstring) except TopmatterReadError: pass # this will be reported during the render else: if topmatter: warning = lambda wtype, msg: create_warning( # noqa: E731 document, msg, wtype, line=1, append_to=document ) config = merge_file_level(config, topmatter, warning) # parse content parser = create_md_parser(config, DocutilsRenderer) parser.options["document"] = document parser.render(inputstring) # post-processing # replace raw nodes if raw is not allowed if not getattr(document.settings, "raw_enabled", True): for node in document.traverse(nodes.raw): warning = document.reporter.warning("Raw content disabled.") node.parent.replace(node, warning) self.finish_parse()
def _run_cli(writer_name: str, writer_description: str, argv: Optional[List[str]]): """Run the command line interface for a particular writer.""" publish_cmdline( parser=Parser(), writer_name=writer_name, description=( f"Generates {writer_description} from standalone MyST sources.\n{default_description}" ), argv=argv, ) def cli_html(argv: Optional[List[str]] = None) -> None: """Cmdline entrypoint for converting MyST to HTML.""" _run_cli("html", "(X)HTML documents", argv) def cli_html5(argv: Optional[List[str]] = None): """Cmdline entrypoint for converting MyST to HTML5.""" _run_cli("html5", "HTML5 documents", argv) def cli_latex(argv: Optional[List[str]] = None): """Cmdline entrypoint for converting MyST to LaTeX.""" _run_cli("latex", "LaTeX documents", argv) def cli_xml(argv: Optional[List[str]] = None): """Cmdline entrypoint for converting MyST to XML.""" _run_cli("xml", "Docutils-native XML", argv) def cli_pseudoxml(argv: Optional[List[str]] = None): """Cmdline entrypoint for converting MyST to pseudo-XML.""" _run_cli("pseudoxml", "pseudo-XML", argv)