Source code for myst_parser.mdit_to_docutils.html_to_nodes

"""Convert HTML to docutils nodes."""

from __future__ import annotations

import re
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from docutils import nodes

from myst_parser.parsers.parse_html import Data, tokenize_html
from myst_parser.warnings_ import MystWarnings

    from .base import DocutilsRenderer

[docs] def make_error( document: nodes.document, error_msg: str, text: str, line_number: int ) -> nodes.system_message: return document.reporter.error( error_msg, nodes.literal_block(text, text), line=line_number, )
OPTION_KEYS_IMAGE = {"class", "alt", "height", "width", "align", "name"} # note: docutils also has scale and target OPTION_KEYS_ADMONITION = {"class", "name"} # See RE_FLOW = re.compile( r"<(\/?)(iframe|noembed|noframes|plaintext|script|style|title|textarea|xmp)(?=[\t\n\f\r />])", re.IGNORECASE, )
[docs] def default_html(text: str, source: str, line_number: int) -> list[nodes.Element]: raw_html = nodes.raw("", text, format="html") raw_html.source = source raw_html.line = line_number return [raw_html]
[docs] def html_to_nodes( text: str, line_number: int, renderer: DocutilsRenderer ) -> list[nodes.Element]: """Convert HTML to docutils nodes.""" if renderer.md_config.gfm_only: text, _ = RE_FLOW.subn(lambda s:"<", "&lt;"), text) enable_html_img = "html_image" in renderer.md_config.enable_extensions enable_html_admonition = "html_admonition" in renderer.md_config.enable_extensions if not (enable_html_img or enable_html_admonition): return default_html(text, renderer.document["source"], line_number) # parse the HTML to AST try: root = tokenize_html(text).strip(inplace=True, recurse=False) except Exception: msg_node = renderer.create_warning( "HTML could not be parsed", MystWarnings.HTML_PARSE, line=line_number ) return ([msg_node] if msg_node else []) + default_html( text, renderer.document["source"], line_number ) if len(root) < 1: # if empty return default_html(text, renderer.document["source"], line_number) if not all( (enable_html_img and == "img") or ( enable_html_admonition and == "div" and "admonition" in child.attrs.classes ) for child in root ): return default_html(text, renderer.document["source"], line_number) nodes_list = [] for child in root: if == "img": if "src" not in child.attrs: return [ renderer.reporter.error( "<img> missing 'src' attribute", line=line_number ) ] content = "\n".join( f":{k}: {v}" for k, v in sorted(child.attrs.items()) if k in OPTION_KEYS_IMAGE ) nodes_list.extend( renderer.run_directive( "image", child.attrs["src"], content, line_number ) ) else: children = child.strip().children title = ( "".join(child.render() for child in children.pop(0)) if children and children[0].name in ("div", "p") and ( "title" in children[0].attrs.classes or "admonition-title" in children[0].attrs.classes ) else "Note" ) options = "\n".join( f":{k}: {v}" for k, v in sorted(child.attrs.items()) if k in OPTION_KEYS_ADMONITION ).rstrip() new_children = [] for child in children: if == "p": new_children.extend(child.children) new_children.append(Data("\n\n")) else: new_children.append(child) content = ( options + ("\n\n" if options else "") + "".join(child.render() for child in new_children).lstrip() ) nodes_list.extend( renderer.run_directive("admonition", title, content, line_number) ) return nodes_list