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import traceback from io import StringIO import yaml from docutils.core import publish_string from docutils.frontend import filter_settings_spec from docutils.writers.html5_polyglot import HTMLTranslator, Writer from js import document from myst_parser import __version__ from myst_parser.parsers.docutils_ import Parser class SimpleTranslator(HTMLTranslator): def visit_literal_block(self, node): node["classes"].append("highlight") return super().visit_literal_block(node) def stylesheet_call(self, *args, **kwargs): return "" class SimpleWriter(Writer): settings_spec = filter_settings_spec( Writer.settings_spec, "template", ) def apply_template(self): subs = self.interpolation_dict() return "%(body)s\n" % subs def __init__(self): self.parts = {} self.translator_class = SimpleTranslator def convert(input_config: str, input_myst: str, writer_name: str) -> dict: warning_stream = StringIO() try: settings = yaml.safe_load(input_config) if input_config else {} assert isinstance(settings, dict), "not a dictionary" except Exception as exc: warning_stream.write(f"ERROR: config load: {exc}\n") settings = {} settings.update( { "output_encoding": "unicode", "warning_stream": warning_stream, # to mimic the sphinx parser "doctitle_xform": False, "sectsubtitle_xform": False, "initial_header_level": 1, } ) try: output = publish_string( input_myst, parser=Parser(), settings_overrides=settings, **( {"writer": SimpleWriter()} if "html" in writer_name else {"writer_name": writer_name} ), ) except Exception as exc: output = f"ERROR: conversion:\n{exc}\n{traceback.format_exc()}" return {"output": output, "warnings": warning_stream.getvalue()} version_label = document.querySelector("span#myst-version") config_textarea = document.querySelector("textarea#input_config") input_textarea = document.querySelector("textarea#input_myst") output_iframe = document.querySelector("div#output_html") output_raw = document.querySelector("textarea#output_raw") warnings_textarea = document.querySelector("textarea#output_warnings") oformat_select = document.querySelector("select#output_format") def do_convert(event=None): result = convert(config_textarea.value, input_textarea.value, oformat_select.value) output_raw.value = result["output"] if "html" in oformat_select.value: output_iframe.innerHTML = result["output"] else: output_iframe.innerHTML = "Change output format to HTML to see output" warnings_textarea.value = result["warnings"] version_label.textContent = f"myst-parser v{__version__}" config_textarea.oninput = do_convert input_textarea.oninput = do_convert oformat_select.onchange = do_convert do_convert()
myst-parser v
{ "splashscreen": { "autoclose": true }, "packages": [ "myst-docutils==1.0", "docutils==0.19", "pygments" ] }